The Maslow Hotel is Sun International’s new, modern hotel, providing an oasis setting within Johannesburg’s premium shopping area of Sandton. Following a R250 million (over $23 million) refurbishment, The Maslow is now the perfect destination for a holiday stop over to enjoy a luxury shopping trip or experience both the modern and the traditional South Africa, including guided visits to the Apartheid Museum and Soweto. To make most of your trip, the Maslow offers The Wayferer Lounge – a transit lounge where you can relax as your holiday begins or take a shower before you leave - a complimentary shuttle service to visit the shopping malls and an in-house travel agency to organise your ongoing travelling experiences at the last minute.

The Maslow Hotel, thanks to its contemporary design and urban vibe of its lounge, Lacuna Bistro and the stylish, hip bar area, deck garden and outdoor pool, in addition to the Wayfarer Lounge, is the new hot destination in Johannesburg.

The Design

Designed by Graeme Holtshausen of Dakota Architecture & Interior Architecture and Drop Design, this hotel really stands out from the crowd. Inspired by the psychologist Abraham Maslow and his well-known Hierarchy of Needs, the hotel’s philosophy is compellingly simplistic and in tune with its oasis setting. The textures, colours and materials used in its interior design, reflect Johannesburg’s warm climate whilst incorporating every modern convenience. Every design space attracts attention: the interiors are spatial and sophisticated – nothing detracts from the modernity of the design. The driving ethos is simplicity – elegant restraint and great craftsmanship. The use of a consistent and stark palette in shades of charcoal unites the main public areas whilst the aluminium curvaceous lines of the ground floor integrate the external and internal spaces. The design maximises the vista of the outdoors to full advantage. All of the public areas are joined seamlessly, creating a symbiotic alliance between spaces and revealing an ordered functionality that frames the landscape and views of the terraced garden and pool. Indeed, the restaurant and the bar - where seating areas have been designed for socialising - open onto the gardens thanks to a glass wall that facilitates an intimate relationship with the gardens while also acting as a subtle barrier between inside and out.

The internal and external spaces flow together, whilst the porcelain tiled floors project a continuity of space. Aluminium-clad grid walls fold and bend and the colour aesthetic is brought through in the artwork, upholstery, curtains and carpets: aubergine in the bar, pistachio in the restaurant and indigo blue in the lobby.

During the new redesign, Graeme Holtshausen incorporated a stone rabbit in the décor of a table centrepiece. This rabbit then became the hotel mascot, named Abe after Abraham Maslow himself. It symbolises everything from fertility to resurrection and rebirth to luck, energy, as well as success: everything the hotel wishes for its guests.

Food & Wine

The stylish hotel bar and restaurant is becoming the new dining destination in Johannesburg: ambience, wine and food provide a unique gastronomic experience.
The sophisticated – yet still urban - bistro serves South African cuisine where the best local products and fresh herbs from the Maslow vegetable garden allow the guests to experience an unforgettable menu.


For a relaxing experience, The Maslow Hotel now features an Africology Spa for guests to relax and experience the bespoke Africology Hydrotherapy zone. Experiences include the ice walkway, sauna, jacuzzi and Razul steam room, offering a unique body exfoliation treatment using mud and botanical scented steam in addition to cold water therapy or specific Africology treatments.

Hot and cold therapies encourage healing thanks to Africology products, all inspired by Mother Nature, creating inspiring aromas and products that work wonders to treat maladies such as insomnia and jetlag, prevent premature aging, stimulate blood flow and support cellular activity or to simply to relax tense muscles and assist with lymph drainage.

The Spa also includes a manicure and pedicure area and a Sensory Bar, where patrons can sample Africology’s tantalising range of potions and even design their own bespoke natural treatments.