A look to the future, a celebration of the past
Montegrappa, the oldest and most celebrated Italian manufacturer of fine writing instruments has opened its first flagship store in Bassano del Grappa Thursday, July 10th. After strengthening the iconic Italian brand’s international presence in prestigious world cities such as Moscow, Doha, Dubai, and Riyadh, Montegrappa has introduced this beautiful new location not far from its iconic global headquarters. Designed to serve as a stunning reference point for the brand, Montegrappa plans to use the new shop as a template for opening future boutiques in luxury destinations across the globe .

Experience the world of Montegrappa
Beautifully laid out amongst two floors of an ancient renovated palace, the new Montegrappa storefront is situated in Bassano del Grappa in the central Piazza Garibaldi.

A world of luxury, beauty, and exceptional craftsmanship
Visitors can view one of the world’s finest pen collections comprised of priceless limited editions. The new store allows guests to behold the stately elegance of one of the world’s most iconic luxury brands. Patrons can witness the careful detail and craftsmanship behind a brand more than a century in the making, watching artisans design gorgeous writing instruments and timepieces. A wide assortment of new accessories made by Montegrappa will also be on display including watches, cufflinks, small leather goods, and fragrances for guests to peruse at their leisure.

Pens, accessories, and clothing
Alongside a Parthenon of iconic writing instruments responsible through the years for elevating the Montegrappa brand to its current storied status, the location also plays host to the world’s first Bugatti and Bentley fashion boutiques. Both Bugatti and Bentley Motors have opened shops upstairs.
In addition to offering the fine Bugatti products made exclusively by Montegrappa (pens and cufflinks), the range of exquisite accessories designed for Veyron owners also includes impeccably crafted small leather goods, bags, belts, clothing, and model cars.
The Bentley Motors collection features a curated selection of beautiful clothing and accessories available to compliment the trademark style of the winged B. The fabulous line of items is further accented by the prestigious Tibaldi for Bentley series of pens, produced exclusively for the venerable British auto manufacturer.
Appropriately, a corner of the store is also dedicated to Montegrappa’s sister brand Tibaldi. A historic name that offers another unique expression in writing, Tibaldi will also have its pens available for sale.
In homage to the Neapolitan origins of the owners, an atelier has also been incorporated for customers to be outfitted in fine suits and shirts made for them in accordance to the exacting tradition of Neapolitan tailoring. The atelier was included to further enhance visitors’ experience while immersing them in bespoke elegance.

Montegrappa celebrates with music legend Quincy Jones
Quincy Jones, the legendary conductor, impresario, music, film and television producer, and philanthropist was in attendance to specially host this one of a kind event.
The choice of this very important guest was issued from the partnership and sincere friendship with Mr. Jones. To him, a legend for the ages in music, Montegrappa has dedicated one of its special limited editions.
"I am very happy indeed to have my good friend Quincy in our fine city - said Giuseppe Aquila, CEO of Montegrappa Elmo & Spa - There could be no better opportunity to present for the first time his new collection 'The Secret Garden' inspired by his famous song."
The event was accompanied by the live performance of Nick the Nightfly with his 18-piece orchestra directed by Gabriele Comeglio featuring Sarah Jane Morris, and of Alfredo Rodriguez Trio.

Gianfranco Aquila, President of Elmo & Montegrappa Spa
"The opening of the flagship store marks a milestone for our brand, and I am particularly proud of it. What we want to offer our customers and admirers of Montegrappa products is a total immersion in a shopping experience that is first and foremost a sharing of attitudes and aspirations, a common understanding of luxury. "

Partners of the event
Bentley Motors Limited
Bugatti International SA
Radio Monte Carlo

Elmo & Montegrappa S.p.A.
Montegrappa, the most important and oldest Italian manufacturer of writing instruments, was started in Bassano del Grappa in 1912. Over a century of unequalled craftsmanship has already passed for this prestigious brand, known throughout the world for its fully Italian creativity and style. The Montegrappa pens are chosen by famous people: Popes, Heads of State, Royal Highnesses, writers, actors, musicians, athletes and celebrities around the world.